The Fossil Distance Learning Program offers a customized, tuition-free education for your K-8 grade students. Our mission is to create an educational culture that promotes academic excellence, individualized support, and enrichment opportunities. We partner with you to see your students succeed!

We have:
* Customized curriculum choices
* Personalized learning
* Support from licensed teachers
* Access to online resources
* And so much more!

How It Works

We have a focus on flexibility and choice. Our families choose us because they want a personalized educational environment with the flexibility of selecting from a large variety of curricular options. Upon enrollment, we provide each family with an Educational Specialist. Together they customize a learning plan for each student. This plan is a design of the curriculum, units, lessons, and topics to be completed during the course of the school year. 

Throughout the year, families connect with their Educational Specialist to discuss work and manage progress. This credentialed teacher provides ongoing guidance and support to families, informs students about school enrichment opportunities, and monitors the use of educational funds. 

In addition to academic support, each student is allocated instructional funds. The funds are used to purchase curriculum, supplies, lessons, and classes to enhance scholar learning. We also provide free LIVE classes every school day to enrich each student’s Fossil experience. 

Virtual Live Classes are offered online every day that school is in session. These classes provide enrichment opportunities that enhance knowledge and encourage students to develop new passions and skills. 

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