Through partnerships with parents and educators we promote and support an education system that delivers innovative and relevant education to each child.

Who We Are?

The Fossil Distance Learning program is a tuition free, innovative, rigorous, and customizable virtual program that is hosted by Fossil Charter School.  Our program offers students the opportunity to utilize high quality online and textbook based courses, all while working closely with licensed teachers and administrators. Each student will work virtually and in person with passionate and competent educators who believe that a students’ education must be fitted for the individual student’s needs and strengths. Our educational specialists will work with each student and their parent/guardian to ensure that individual learning plans match up with not only the individual students learning style and interest, but also with Oregon state standards and core educational content that is needed by all productive members of society. 

In addition to a truly customizable learning plan and a large variety of online and textbook based courses, we also offer a number of educational field trips, activities and subject specific workshops. These enrichment activities are purposefully and carefully designed for supplementing a student’s learning plan and/or course.  These activities are commonly attended by a diverse audience of enrolled students and their families and is a great place for everyone to meet new friends and to learn about what another student/family may be working on. Also, students and families alike will have an opportunity at these activities to get to know more about their educational specialist and other staff in the program. 

It is our foundational belief that a student’s educational success is measured in terms of growth and is dependent on the engagement of not just the student, but of the student’s family/guardian and professional educator. This is why we also offer a plethora of virtual and online tools to supplement our courses. Many of these tools are available 24/7 and can be accessed through our Learning Management System.  Students will also have access to their educational specialist during normal school days and hours. 

Our program is a great alternative for those who may be looking for something that allows for more individualization, independence, and flexibility than what is traditionally offered in a brick and mortar school.  This is our passion, and we would love the opportunity to share this passion with you and join in on your student’s educational journey. If you have any questions please click on the contact us page and we will be happy to discuss in more detail what our program is and what we can do for your student. If you would like to enroll please click on the Apply button above.