About FDLP

The Fossil Distance Learning program is a tuition free, innovative, rigorous, and customizable virtual program that is hosted by Fossil Charter School. Each student will work virtually and in person with passionate and competent Oregon-certified educators who believe that a student’s education must be fitted for the individual’s needs and strengths. Our goal is to provide a challenging and engaging educational experience for every child.

Education Choices

Our program offers students the opportunity to utilize high quality online and textbook based courses. We partner with our families to help them make curriculum decisions that form a successful educational program for each student. Students have access to learning tools 24/7 and can tailor their daily schedule to best meet their needs. Logging into our learning management system, students can access courses, get feedback on assignments, and communicate with teachers. ​

Activities & Field Trips

We offer a number of educational field trips, activities, and subject specific workshops. These enrichment activities are purposefully and carefully designed for supplementing a student’s learning plan and courses. We can be seen exploring outdoors, attending museums and theaters, and engaging in new learning experiences across the state. 


Our program is a great alternative for those who may be looking for something that allows for more individualization, independence, and flexibility than what is traditionally offered in a brick and mortar school.  This is our passion, and we would love the opportunity to share this passion with you and join in on your student’s educational journey. If you have any questions please contact us and we will be happy to discuss in more detail what our program is and what we can do for your student. 

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