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The Fossil Distance Learning Program is an innovative virtual program within the Fossil Charter School in Fossil, Oregon. This program provides diverse educational opportunities to students all across the State of Oregon, as well as in the rural brick and mortar school in Fossil. Fossil Charter School contracts with Distance Learning Solutions, Inc. to administer and deliver the instructional and related services to students enrolled in Fossil Distance Learning Program.  

Distance Learning Solutions, Inc. has adopted a “3-pillar” strategy upon which to build our organization’s vision.  These pillars guide and influence every decision that is made by our executive team. This strategy is what drives our organizational leaders and is what sets Distance Learning Solutions, Inc. apart from other employers. 


This first pillar comprises the values and beliefs that make up our organizations underlying demeanor and disposition. The values are continuously at the forefront of every decision. We work hard to promote a positive organizational culture.


This second pillar is the heart of our decision-making process and is the center pillar in our strategy. We strive to produce quality products, services, and policies for all of our stakeholders. This pillar is not considered more than when we hire our staff. We look for candidates that subscribe and will contribute to our culture and seek to bring quality to their respective role. 


The third pillar is sustainability of our program. In order for Distance learning Solutions, Inc. and the Fossil Distance Learning Program to strive for a positive organizational culture and to be a quality place for our staff and students, we must be able to practice our mission year after year. As decisions are made and goals are set, sustainability will always be foundational. 

Can You Catch Our Vision?

We love to share our vision and organizational strategy. It is vital that all of our employees share in our vision and have an understanding of the heart of Distance Learning Solutions, Inc. leadership. If you believe that you might thrive in a culture and environment like ours, check out our available positions and let’s talk about how your vision and goals might blend with our vision!

In addition to a unique educational model, we are a great place to work and offer the following benefits:

  • Competitive Salary
  • Full Health Benefits with 100% premiums paid by employer
  • Generous 401(k) Profit Sharing Employer Contributions
  • Elective Employee Contribution options
  • 40 Hours PTO per year with carryover options (Max 80 hours)
  • Normal School Holidays and Breaks (For Educational Specialist)
  • 3 Weeks of Vacation (Year Around Employees Only) 
  • Numerous Continuing Ed opportunities and funds for outside trainings and courses
  • Work From Home Position
  • Company provided office equipment (Laptop/Printer)

Available Positions:

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