About Us

Distance Learning Solutions, Inc. is an Oregon based company that provides educational and instructional services to students enrolled in a virtual public charter school’s distance learning program.

The company was formed by the same staff and leaders that had previously worked for Fossil Distance Learning Program during the last 7 years. The company is owned by Elizabeth D. Barrowcliff and Jonathan S. Moore. Elizabeth serves as CEO of Distance Learning Solutions, Inc. and acts as Executive Director of the Fossil Distance Learning Program. Jonathan S. Moore serves as the Chief Financial Officer and Chief Operations Officer.

Distance Learning Solutions, Inc. has been contracted by Fossil School District 21J for the purpose of managing the Fossil Distance Learning Program and to provide educational and virtual instructional services to the students enrolled in the program. This contract was negotiated to include a 10 year term for the purpose of mitigating uncertainty and to help ensure stability of the Fossil Distance Learning Program. Fossil School District 21J as the governing entity of the Fossil Charter School, is still responsible for educational accountability to the State of Oregon, and does not give up their governmental functions as it pertains to being a virtual public charter school.

The reason for establishing the new company was to provide more freedom for the leaders and staff to manage the business functions of the Fossil Distance Learning Program. This freedom will allow for quicker decisions and hopefully more innovation as new ideas are implemented for the purpose of better serving the students and families in the Fossil Distance Learning Program. The Fossil Distance Learning Program has become the passion of our team. It is a goal of this new company to use this opportunity to more efficiently strive for academic excellence amongst the students in the Fossil Distance Learning Program and to provide the highest quality of support to each of the families.

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