The lottery for the Fossil Distance Learning Program is held in April.  The wait list for fall is determined according to this lottery.  We will notify families for whom there is space available for their students.  In upcoming months, more spaces may become available and we will notify you at that time if your student is being offered the space.  If you have questions concerning the lottery and enrollment process, please email us at our Contact Us form.

Thank you for your continued interest in our school!

  • The Lottery will be held at the official April Fossil School District board meeting in Fossil.
  • Applications received after 5pm on April 1 will now participate in the following year’s lottery. 
  • Every applicant should receive a confirmation message that they are on the wait list.
  • Families will be notified via email/phone if a space is available for their child.  
  • Families who are on the wait list, will remain on the list until they remove themselves.

Enrollment Process

1. Students who were enrolled in the current school year who will be K-8th grade next year will receive priority enrollment positions.    
2. Students who are residing in the Fossil School District will have priority enrollment positions. 
Students who had a sibling enrolled in a Fossil school will also receive priority enrollment. 
4. Remaining enrollment positions will go to students who apply here by an equitable lottery process.
5. Once the school fills up we will operate on a waiting list basis.

Lottery Process

1. Process returning student forms to establish openings
2. Enroll siblings on the waiting list
3. Perform a lottery for the remaining spots. Each student on the waiting list will be drawn at random to establish an ordered waiting list. We will then fill in remaining spots using  this order. If a student with siblings is drawn, they will all receive a spot. 

Enrollment Age

If you are not sure what age your child should be enrolled in our program please use the following guideline. The state law uses September 1 as the cut  off each year. So students should be 5 by September 1 to join our school program as a kindergarten student. Please contact the Central Office  if you have any questions about what age to enroll your child in.

Letter of Intent

In order to enroll your student we will need you to submit a Letter of Intent by email, to your Resident District. Please copy on the email so our school has the required proof that your Resident District has been notified. The contact for your Resident District has been provided below.

Instructions for your Letter of Intent
1. Legal School District Email Address goes in the “To”. Click here to find the email address for your district.
2. goes in the “CC”
3. Letter of Intent goes in the “Subject”

Sample Email:

To Whom It May Concern:

I intend to enroll (Student(s) Name and Grade Here) in the Fossil Distance Learning Program.

Your Name Here
Your Address

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