Getting Started ...

Submit an application For the wait list

The application is linked on this page above. You will need to fill out a form for every student that you would like to apply for the wait list. You will receive a confirmation email that your application has been received. 

The Lottery Process

The lottery for the Fossil Distance Learning Program is held every April. The wait list for fall is determined according to this lottery. Priority is given to siblings and previously enrolled students. We will notify families for whom there is space available for their students. 

watch for an Enrollment offer email

The enrollment offer will have paperwork for you to fill out along with information about notifying your resident school district due to the 3% cap. This process can take up to 14 days. You will have one week to confirm your interest in enrollment, or we will assume you are no longer interested and remove you from the waitlist. Once you have been cleared by your resident district, you are ready for the rest of the enrollment process. 

Complete enrollment and orientation

The Welcome Letter that you receive will have a list of steps and information to help you navigate our Learning Management System and complete the enrollment process. When you are done with this, you will be ready to meet with your Educational Specialist. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the 3% cap?
  • School districts that have more than 3% of students enrolled in a virtual public charter school sponsored by other districts have the option to deny new enrollments. When applying please keep in mind that many Oregon school districts have reached their 3% cap and may be denying students the ability to join our program. Please contact your local school district and ask them who to contact in the district regarding a transfer to an outside virtual charter school.  
  • OAR 581-020-0342: A parent must provide notice to the school district in which the parent resides that the parent intends to enroll a student in a virtual public charter school. If more than 3% of the students who reside in the school district are enrolled in a virtual public charter school not sponsored by the district, the district must provide notice that the district a) Approves the student for enrollment OR b) Does not approve the student for enrollment in the virtual public charter school and provide a copy of this rule AND OAR 581-020-0343 to the student and a list of two or more other online options available to the student. (2) If a parent does not receive notice of approval OR the disapproval from the school district under the rule within 14 days of the parent sending the notice of intent to enroll to the district, the student shall be deemed approved for enrollment by the district. (3) A parent may appeal a decision of a school district to not approve a student for enrollment to the State Board of Education pursuant to OAR 581-020-0343. 
How does the lottery process work?
  • Families may apply to be on the waiting list throughout the year.
  • In the winter we process returning student forms to establish openings, and we enroll siblings on the waiting list. 
  • The lottery will be held in April. To be included on this year’s lottery list, you need to apply by April 1st at 5 pm. 
  • The lottery is performed for the remaining spots. Each student on the waiting list will be drawn at random to establish an ordered waiting list. We will then fill in remaining spots using this order. If a student with siblings is drawn, they will all receive a spot.
What age should my child enter school?
  • The state law uses September 1st as the cut  off each year. Students should be age 5 by September 1st to join our school program as a kindergarten student.
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